Whalley Precision, Inc. (WPI) is a family owned small business and full service manufacturing company/FAA Repair Station located in Southwick, Massachusetts. Founded in 1990 by the Whalley Family, our mission remains unmistakably clear: Provide only the highest levels of quality and service, and do it for a reasonable price – period.

We’ve stayed true to this philosophy, and have developed strategic partnerships with companies in many industries nationwide. Our workforce of highly skilled machinists, tool makers and fabricators, combined with our expert technical staff, makes WPI the ideal resource to engineers and purchasing professionals, as well as anyone responsible for the success of a manufacturing project.

Once you’ve become our valued customer, you will surely remain one. Our policy is to spoil you with extraordinary service and personal attention. We'll work through your engineering challenges with you, offering solid advice on the manufacturability of your designs. We'll then submit prompt and professional quotations detailing price and delivery.